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I talked about a lot of subjects on my blog. It was really interesting for me to express myself during this year. It was my first blog experience !

This is what it seems to be the best of my blog…

- About my TV experience
This post deals with my TV presentation. I presented the news and the weather forecast in a event organised by Emmanuel Chain last year. It was in Paris. I learned a lot of things this day. For example, I understood that being a TV animator is really hard. It's a job which could be a dream for many people because more and more people want to be famous.

- About cyber-addictionaddiction_surfboards_Surf_News_024596_v.jpg
I took the example of "no-life" people. It is a good example of cyber-addiction. It means that some people have a virtual life (they spend a lot of time on the Internet) and they give up they real life.
It interests me because it's a psychologic subject.
This is an extract of my post : "A survey explained that cyber addicted spent 35 hours a week on Internet, maybe more.
Cyber addiction provokes nervous breakdowns."

-My vidéo portrait
It was a funny experience. First, it was really hard to make it. I found some difficulties to speak about myself. But I took this like an entertaining experience.
"I just wanted to create a movie about my personnality and my goals, my life. I know that this movie cannot be considered as really serious, but I just wanted to have fun. Yet, it is me, with my different faces.
A kind of joke…But what's the price of this joke ?
I just want to say that now, my name is "EDWIGE" in Celsa school :)"
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