It's always hard to talk about ourselves.

When I was younger, I was very shy. Meeting new people, to say "hello" and "goodbye" was a daily challenge. I never know what to say when somebody asks me "present yourself ?" or "what do you like the most". Years have passed and I learned how to force my nature. I'm even doing a Comunnication degree at the Celsa, more precisely a Media and Communication degree.

Hello, I am Antoine and this is my life :

I'm born in 1987 in France near Paris. I have a complicated family, my parents have divorced both twice. I have one step brother, two step sisters, and a "real" sister.

My true passions are the cinema, from everywhere (Gus van Sant, Visconti, Wang Kar Wai, Kitano, Coppola father and daughter, Scorcese, Antonionni, Sautet… and many others). It's more intense than literrature (even if I like reading). I can't manage to describe the feeling when a movie makes me feel a complete different person, in a complete different place, for 2 hours.


Actually, in my life I'm searching for those experiences of being transported. That's why I like such music as Radiohead, Archive, Beethoven or the romantics in Literrature.


Always about the fact that I like being transported, the most intense thing is going to a soccer match especially in the princes park in Paris. You have to live once in your life this feeling of euphoria when a goal is scored. 40 000 persons in a total communion. It's a kind of magic !!!

Well that was a brief description of myself. Actually it was not so hard :)

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