Hi :)
I'm me, Clarisse.

Second name : Pauline
20 years old
Hair Color : Brunette
Eyes : Left one is blue, right one is green [I'm David Bowie's secret daughter :)]
Particularity : I love the smell of gasoline and I can play the piano as well as Mozart when he was 6.

Going to the movie - Dancing - Listening to music - Dreaming awake - Watch the rain fall down - The first sip of Coca-Cola when I'm really thirsty - Talking with people - Watching the Clouds - Eating chocolate - Smile for no reason - Jean-Louis Trintignant's voice - Any Live Version of "AngeL" by Robbie Williams.


I am a student in Communication of the Media and Mediation at the Celsa - La Sorbonne in Paris.
It is a section that deals with the new dimensions of the media today, from the Real-TV to the extraordinary power of the Internet. By the way, I took part in this Wiki on the occasion of my english course about e-culture.


My Education Me

* 2007-2008 : CELSA-Sorbonne (School of Higher Studies in the Information and Communication Sciences), Paris
Licence (B.A. Equivalent). Specialization in the Media
* 2005-2007 : Two years of Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles in speciality English - Lycée Chaptal, Paris
* 2005 : Baccaulauréat with honors - Literature section


My Professional Me

2008 : Internship at Flammarion - French Publisher
Press Relations Office
2007-2008 : Piano Teacher
2006 : Assistant director - Short film


My Speaking Me

French - Mother tongue
English - Fluent
Spanish - Good Level [But my trip to Argentina next year will turn me into a real latina Girl]

If you want more, here is my blog :)
Do you want to know a secret ?

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