Oops...! I did it again

Monday, September 22nd

50, 5 kg

Coca-cola units: 3 (good)

Chewing gums: 6 (baaad)

Total of hours spent on Facebook: 5

Endless minutes spent absent-mindedly watching photos. Comments. A page loading…

10 a.m.

Number of times I clicked on “Profile” in 10 mn: 25.

Guess I wanted to check that my page had not disappeared.

Just in case.

I mean… you never know.

1 p.m.

Number of friends I have: 206

I don’t reach Bill Gates though, the guy had 8000 friend requests per day. But what would I do with 8000 friends anyway? Imagine: “A French student found catatonic in front of her computer yesterday. Witnesses tell she had too many friends on Facebook and, fed up with the news feed, she preferred to withdraw in an imaginary world.”

2 p.m.

Did you know that people from Quebec changed the brand KFC into PFK [Poulet frit du Kentucky]?

I saw that on a picture posted by Alex yesterday at 11p.m. That’s amazing! You learn so many things on Facebook! These Canadians are great people; it’s admirable the way they fight for the French language against the English language imperialism.

What? No, I don’t want to change my Original Facebook for a Facebook in French, no thank you. Eww, that’s not trendy.

3 p.m.

Oh. Wow. I’d better get out of here. I forgot I was supposed to work, now I posted some pictures everybody will know I’m just a crazy-addicted Facebooker.


3.02 p.m.


Just for a sec!

Just want to know if someone put some comment.

So, let me see,


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