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According to a Ipsos-insight search named "the face of the web", published in December 2007, more than 150 million people have used at least once in their life to surf on the web via their mobile phone, that is to say 40% of the net surfers.


Nowadays, mobile phones are characterized by their low prices and by a strong penetration inside the population; that is why cell phones are great conveyors of the vulgarization the Internet. Besides, on your phone, you can get the same services than the ones you get via a regular computer. They use it more and more in Europe, and especially in Great Britain.

Yes, it would certainly be really interesting to try understanding this infectious phenomenon of addiction to new technologies.
We are going to try portraying the people who are stuck to their cell phones, maybe to find common points between two different profiles, which are, as we like to call them, The Beauty, and the Geek…

The Geek is completely hooked to new technologies, and especially to computing. He is known for his habit to cultivate more his love for computer science and his online player skills than his social life and his friend connections.
The Beauty, also known as “Gossip Girl”- in reference to an intellectual and highly cultural TV program – is an-often-superficial-girl (or boy, after all!), found of rumors… Her major occupation each day, is kicking up a fuss…

Both of them definitely need their Google-phone application; because they just can not miss a single piece of information… Be it about “Geeking”, or about “Gossiping”… For both of them, this application is seen as a godsend… “a question of life or death” would’ve said our Beauty

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