How to be as fun as me

This is obviously an appropriate question, considering the fact that we all live in a very competitive society. To be happy : be the best ! Handsome man, goodlooking girl, smart guy, sexy droid… But everybody is not so gifted !
So here is the thing for the ugly, stupid boys and girls (I don't think they are numerous on this Wiki but… anyway).

Here is my personal motto/advice : if you're not gifted, try to be fun !

But be fun is not so easy. Let me help you by giving my three big principles :

1. Find good and sophisticated jokes. Here is a good one :

2. Don't laugh to your own jokes. It makes them funnier… and you'll seem smarter.

3. Nevertheless, if you laughed, try to make your best smile. Avoid this one :425636_large.jpg.

These three basical principles will help you to be fun, so more attractive and popular.

Please, take these advices for granted.

See ya,

Vianney - joker.

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