How To Cook : squeezing an egg without breaking it

Nowadays we can find all the information we need about whatever we want on internet…The information available online is more and more growing and allows us to discover new themes of reflexion, new topics, new knowledge.

That's why I suggest you to discover with me how to cook and more especially, how to squeeze an egg without breaking it…Very impressive thing…and so simple !

There is no particular reason why you should learn to squeeze an egg : it is not useful or interesting, but, if you are bored or if you feel bad, you can always occupy yourself with this activity…Let's see how :

1. Firstly, you have to get eggs. Watch out! Several eggs are demanded for this perilous exercice

2. Put one egg in your hand, and wrap your fingers around it

3. There is something important : you can't break an egg if you push (even very strongly) on both extremities. Try, it's very impressive.
You don't believe me ? Let's see this video (it's someone of the group) :

4. Be sure your fingers apply the same pressure on all sides of the egg..

5. Squeeze your egg as hard as possible… it should work. If not, if the egg is broken, you can always put it in an marvellous omelette…Bon appetit !

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