How To Create Buzz

Considering Buzz, one of the best examples we can give is the Budweiser's "Wassup!" campaign. First you have to work your pronunciation. We do not say "what's up" but "Waaazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Then, the facial expression, you have to stick your tongue out. Now you can say "Wassup" and call your friends as in this famous viral video!

If you do so, that would have shown that the buzz has worked. This campaign has been hugely successful across the world, exceeding expectations. It is interesting to analyse how this buzz took in. We can notice two steps.

First, people shared the joke, they have taken the characters to heart and felt themselves to be part of the gang. This is a key point if you want to success your buzz, you have to appeal to people, to let them think they are part of a close community that shares the same madness.

Secondly, people have to appropriate the video, to parody it. It is really a key that enable your buzz to be a total success. If your video has been parodied by the cinema or famous characters, this is the jackpot for you!!

Let’s see famous variations of the Bud Campaign:

- Scary Movie parody

- Simpson parody

- Jewish version of the budweisser commercial

- Nintendo wassup made by an internet user

The internet played an important part in the spread of Wassup. It allowed people to share the phenomenon and sometimes even add to it, maintaining the momentum. It shows that internet is definitely a viral marketing tool!

Budweiser put back on its famous buzz around Wassup height years after in a video called wassup2008.

We meet up with an extreme pleasure the same characters, but this time, situation has changed and everything gone bad for the gang. This video has been politicized and refers to the crisis we go threw nowadays: economic crisis, unemployment…This 2008 campaign is calling for change by voting Obama.
Melting the old buzz with politic and issues of nowadays societies is really brilliant because it recycle the old buzz enabling take in again!

So with Obama, YES WE CAN say: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!

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