How to kiss correctly ?

It's now or never : put your gloss on your lips !

In our lives we practice some common acts but sometimes we don't know how to do something. For example, when we fall in love of someone, we have to kiss. In fact, we have to be comfortable doing it.
Some people are really bad at kissing. So, it's now or never to improve your technics.

This is an an instructable on how to kiss. We can dinstiguished five steps.
Firstly, the "pre-kiss". It's the most difficult part. You have to know if your partner is ready to kiss you. It's really difficult but you can know by watching his eyes. It's a question of feelings, expressions.

The second step is the one of the "kiss practice". It means you can have some trainings face to a mirror. You can kiss yourself. Don"'t be afraid, it's not a kind of narcissism. It's a means of getting out your nervousness.

Then, you enter really in the target of your objective : "the kiss". After having some trainings, you have to remember them to reach you goal : beeing a "superkisser".

Contrary to what you think, after this part it's not finished. In fact, don't forget the "post kiss" step ! If you enjoyed the kiss, you have to show to your partner that you liked it by smiling for example. In other words, keep contact with your partner.

Don't forget the "Couet methode" : you have to repeat you that you are a winner and it will works !

Adrien Caterina.

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