How To Make Amvs, Mmvs and Gmvs

Hello, we are here to talk about how create his own video Official content motion videos.
The first point is what are AMVs or MMvs ?
They are the abreviation of Anime Music Video and Movie Music Video.
As as explain it in nmy blog, thi skind of cvideo are fan made videos which are created with the audiovisual material of an official content.
First : two example of this kind of video.
First, THE AMV. This one is a great one !!!

In order to show you the different possibilities you canb have with the same material, discover here, a version more punchy of the same movie, in an other AMV.

These videos are quite simple to create for their authors are not doing so much editing. They just put together big segment of the movie…

Now we'll see an example of an AMV.
AMV's are much more sofisticated generaly. Here we have an example t

For example. It consists in downloading torrents on internet or craking your own DVDs thanks to a software such as SAGA DVD Ripper.
Then you have to convert your content into a editing programm software. As a matter of fact, if you open your MPEG or AVI file with Adobe Premiere (a classical in the market of the AMV and MMV creator).

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