How To Write A How To Article

To write a “How to” article, you have to be talented in something. And finally the most difficult thing in this mission, is not to “write” but to find your “special field”.

Indeed, I’m just a desastrous cooker, I can’t help you to realize a clafoutis or other stuffs like that. I’m a pathetic geek; I just know “How to start my computer” (and it is not substantial enough to write a post). Two things where I’m really strong at are: to do a brushing, and to file papers of Social Security. Whaoaaoaoa!!! Exciting!

So, to have ideas for this post I had a glimpse to, and my life has changed! I have written my article, and now I know “How to make a Sarah Palin Halloween costume”, “How to be comic” or “How to handknit with your dog’s hairs”. Great.

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