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I can't believe it, I'm a geek! Ok, Ok, I'm not totally a Geek but my "geek-itude" don't stop growing up… A proof? I have a blog and I'm writting a blog post. Me, Margaux, the perfect "no-geek", the only person without a MSN account (I know, you can't believe it too…). I'm just asking me what I have done all my adolescence? But finally, What is a Geek? Is it different of a NERD or a Nolife? I'm going to check that on Wikipedia (Wow! Now I'm a Web 2.0's girl!).

A Geek is "a person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media" but also "a person who is deficient in most other human attributes so as to impair the person's operation within society"… hum, great… And the word "Geek" referes to freaks of circus in America or crazy people in Germany… So glamorous! Now, let's see the definition of Nerd, worst than Geek, "that refers to a person who passionately pursues obscure intellectual activities (…) Therefore, a nerd is often excluded (…) and considered as a loner by peers"

Ok, not mention nolife, dweeb, dork or otaku… Definetely, I'm not a geek, and I do not wish to be so but you never know what you expect of a year within such an English lesson…

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