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About the characteristics of e-culture:

"One of the greatest things about e-culture is creativity. The web allows you to have hundreds, if not millions of platforms just waiting for you to display your artworks, your videos, your writings, etc.

But is it just about that? Is there more to the web than being a mere platform, a technical device enabling people to share content?"
(Thou shall be creative, Sept. 08)

About learning English online:

"The second interesting thing about watching tv shows online are the comments you can make while watching the show. For instance, some discussions can be pretty heated on YouTube. I remember reading about people discussing abortion while watching a teen drama called “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and birth control and how some are pro-life and some are pro-choice, etc. So, you can try and make your own point, thus practicing your written English."

About music:

"Basically, a music mash up is mixing at least two songs (for instance an Elvis song with a Block Party song), and therefore making a brand new song."


On tv shows:


I know it might seem extremely geeky at first sight (and for the record, I hate the word ‘geek’), but BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is an astonishing hybrid show; it’s a mix of sci-fi, political drama, fantastic genre and pure drama when it comes to the characters. Basically, the show is about the survival of the human race after its near genocide. The show is extremely realistic and the storylines are in no way similar to the ones in Stargate for instance. It’s a really unique remake of the original show (which aired during the 70s’) that tries to elevate the sci-fi genre to something like Aldous Huxley would have made, had he been a tv show producer rather than a writer. I’ve discovered it two years ago before the beginning of the show’s third season and eventhough there are flaws and strange mystic storylines that I don’t always like, this is by far what I considere TV at its best (and it has been nominated for Emmy awards on several occasions which shows there is more to it than spaceships and robots)."

On open-source softwares:

"So I would tend to say that commercial softwares can be somewhat lazy and rest under their laurels (which they were given and they did not earned). So for the users, it is good to be able to choose between several options, like being able to choose between Sun, Linux or Windows. It’s the same as being able to choose between PCs and Macs. […] The article I found about Cloud Computing explained that they can spy on you and use your personnal datas like Facebook or Gmail. So you pretty much have to choose between free content and confidentiality. Internet is great to have options and try new things but it can use you for commercial purposes as well."

About Obama:

"It is smart because by 2050, Latinos will represent a third of the US population and in the last elections, like the video said 8 million latino voters didn’t vote.

Add to this example, other viral music videos with Scarlett Johansson and Will.I.Am., and you understand that Obama has a real online communication strategy based on creating contents with stars that appeals to young adults. What annoys me with Obama, though I’m quite fond of him and his idealism and poised attitude, is the fact that he relies too much on hollywood stars. "


On dangers of the internet:

"The Internet is pretty handy, especially in terms of services: you can shop online, get access to free email accounts, join a community like our online Wiki ‘SAY WE’… But it can also be dangerous as all things in life are if you’re not careful enough.

For instance, every month there is a new case of identity theft and cybercrime. […] There is also the fact that cyberwars do exist too. A couple of years ago (or maybe last year), some high profile US and English organizations (belonging to the governement) were attacked by trojans. People suspected the Chinese governement because most IP addresses were Chinese… So cybercrime can go pretty far."

About violence on the Internet:

"Here you have a peak at some of the most outrageous deviances of the Internet. In fact, Internet magnifies borderline behaviours. For instance, I found out that people watch a sick version of porn called snuff movies where people rape other people and eventually kill them, all that while filming. I doubt it would have gone mainstream had it not been thanks to a platform such as the Internet…

It’s unfortunate but for now the fact that the Internet is based on a lack of regulation and democratisation help the display of violence."

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