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Ushhh : an underground application

>see it on my blog


These are three balloons which have changed my life. Will they change your’s ?

No, I did not try to re-play in the kindergarten, I’m talking about Internet, video, and the wonderful “underground application”. Don’t you never want to download this funny video of your friends you see on Youtube ? Don’t you ever want to save on your computer a on-line episode of WIMYM ? (for those who already live in the last century, have look here)

Ready to learn how to do it ?

–> First, you need to use a free navigator, Firefox. If you wonder you why it is the best, see there on my blog.

–> Then, download an add-on for Firefox, Downloadhelper. You can download it and install it very quickly here.

–> This third point could be : “And now, enjoy !”. But it’s not, there is a little problem : you have to configure the program. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a geek, I’m gonna explain you very easily how to manage it.

1. Click right on the little icone (three ballons) in your toolbar.
2. Click on “preferences”
3. In the menu, click “Conversion”
4. Then, check off “Use the conversion” [It is because you have to change the format of the video in order to read it everywhere]
5. Update the program, it wonders you to download an other little application.
6. Do it, and install it too.
7. Then, it finally works. You can enjoy it ! ;)

Last but not least, if you need more informations, you can find them on this application’s website.

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