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Here are all the things you need to know about me :

I'm a 20 years old student from the Celsa, a communication School in Paris, where I've been studiing communication and mediatization for the last year. I'm a huge sport fan, and even practise rugby and football ! I think the video below will give you a more accurate idea of who I am :

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Since 2007// CELSA-Sorbonne (School of Higher Studies in
Information and Communication Sciences, Paris
License (B.A Equivalent) in Communication

2005-2007// LYCEE LA BRUYERE, Versailles
Prep School for French Ivy League Universities

2004-2005// LYCEE LA BRUYERE , Versailles
Baccalauréat L (Litterature)
Diploma awarded with honours

Job-Related Experience

February to July 2008// TF1 Channel, Paris, France
Creation of communication strategies for
the European Cup of nations 2008
organisation of the TF1 Sport Shows.

June to September 2007// Lucky D’s San Diego, California, USA
Work as a receptionist, housekeeper and painter
in a youth Hostel

June 2007// Inventory Assistant, Auchan (hypermarket),

July-August 2004// Farm worker, Dordogne, France

June 2004// Team leader, Ballboy, French Open Tennis
Championships (Roland Garros)

Foreign Languages

English: Proficient
German: Conversationnal

Extra-Curricular Activities

Surfing, skiing, playing football and rugby, travelling and playing music.

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