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It is commonly admitted that Internet has created generations of « loners »cyberadd among the youth.
Many people are now known as “cyber-addicted”. What does this term mean ?

Cyber-addiction can be defined as a phenomenon concerning persons who often feel an overwhelming compulsion to surf the net, chat with “friends” they don’t even know the name or play games on line.

For these people, computer represents both a friend and a family, and is sometimes the only link they have to society. In a word, computer is their whole life. “Drug” is not a word reserved to “real life” insomuch as internet can lead to overuses that cause true addictions implying mental or even physical damages on users.

Today, millions internet users have a dependency that can be considered as dangerous as alcoholism for example.

Addicted people are supposed to be emotionally fragile, spend hours and hours plugged into internet and confined in their bedrooms, and have difficulties to communicate with friends or family in real life. They are lonely, anxious and pretty introverted : they are afraid of society.

Actually, internet, while very useful and fascinating, represents a great danger for some people. We should be careful to this new drift, which tends to become an everyday fact.

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