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Netvibes makes my Web living

What is my favourite tool on the Net ? This question is a huge one, given the numerous tools which are proposed nowadays.

This profusion precisely justifies my choice. If I would keep a Web tool in a desert island connected with the Internet, I would choose Netvibes. No water, no food, no chances to survive… anyway : I would just keep the tool that provides me automatically all the information I need, on a simple Web-page.

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Netvibes is very efficient and easy to use. It is based on the RSS system : you go on a blog and when you like it, you just suscribe to its flux RSS (by clicking on an icon like the following one).


This RSS technology allows an automatical update of the content published on the blog, directly on your Netvibes page. This means that you don’t have to visit the blog in order to read it. In the same time, you have a total control on the information that you wanna get on the Web. Netvibes is a kind of prism that helps us to use the Internet : by using it, you build your own Web.

Thanks to Netvibes, the Internet can’t be called the World Wild Web anymore… just call it World Woaw Web.

PS : There are far more features provided by Netvibes (creating your own profile, sharing informations, allowing your friends to see your page…). I don’t really use it for the time being, but all these applications makes this tool very efficient, complete and coherent.

And you, what is your favorite tool on the Internet ?

My life is far better than René’s life thanks to…

René V. is my grand grand-father. He was a smart guy. Ambitious. He was married with a pretty wife - actually my grand grand-mother. He had a good job, money and beautiful children. But unfortunately, René was unhappy. Because when he wanted to hear some music, he had to wait for the next “guiguette” organized in the village. When he wanted to see movies, he was obliged to take the train to reach Besançon - also called “THE TOWN” at this time- to go to the theater. When he wanted to meet new people, he utterly couldn’t. He only saw the same faces, the same smiles, at the village “pub”. A face like Jean-Claude’s, his old best friend.

Decades later, I can assure you that I am happier than my ancestor René. Why ? because, when I want to see a movie, I watch it on the Web thanks to the streaming technology, when I want to hear music, I go on Deezer and listen to my favourite songs… and I simply don’t pay for the music I hear ! When I want to meet new people, I check on My Facebook network… There is no supense anymore : you know what makes my life so happy. The World Wide Web. A thing my grand grand-father has never been told during his entire life.

And it’s maybe better like this : this ambitious, dynamic and great ancestor would have certainly disapproved the way Internet makes me living : without learning me how to wait, how to really know people, how to appreciate music because it’s rare…

Anyway. Forget about René’s statements : you just need to know that thanks to the Web, my life really rocks (or at least seems to rock) !

“Speaking about the crisis !”

Here is a very short video, that I posted on Youtube few weeks ago.

It deals with the link between the Internet and the financial crisis. Does the Internet affect the crisis ? if yes, in a good or a negative way ?

With Marie, one of CELSA’s best analysts regarding the financial stakes our society is facing, I think we found very intersting answers to this question. Let’s watch it :


Due to the success of our first video, Marie and me decided to post another one, with special guests. It’s more deep. Less fun. But really good. Again : let’s watch it !


What do you think about it ? (not about the quality of these two deabates, but about the impact of the Web on the crisis…). Please, let me know your opinion by posting comments !

My weird WE with Paul-Antoine

Until this post, my blog has been very professional and maybe also too serious. It’s time to put it an end by speaking a little about me and my last WE.

As usual, I was hanging out with Paul-Antoine. It was not a choice, neither a pleasure. As a matter of fact, Paul-Antoine call me every friday evening since 11 years, looking for some friends (the plural is just formal).

In order to please him - it was his birthday and his portugese mother wasn’t at home-, I offered him a ticket to the Parc Astérix. It’s not useful to write details about what we did, because he made it on his blog (click here to read his post). One thing is sure : he had so much fun in this parc !

Personnally I found it boring, and… quite wierd… In fact, Paul Antoine tried to kiss me twice : just after the “Zeus Thunder” attraction and during the wonder Assurencetourix performance. Logically, I throw up twice.

Paul-Antoine was sad, and disappointed. I told him that I was sick in order to confort him. I hope he trusted me.

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