The best of the "Electronic Village" !

I recommend you some articles published on my blog, the "Electronic Village".

The first one is a long article about the values of e-culture. I've established a link with the origin of the Internet and the counter-culture movement's values. And I've shown how some values endured, even if it sometimes doesn't correspond to the reality. I talk about spirit of cooperation, egalitarian relationships, free expression, easy and immediate social link, desire of equality and freedom, universal access to knowledge…


The second article I recommend you is about new media and political communication. In this article, I evoke Barack Obama's campaign, which illustrates how politicians can use new technologies such as Internet, text messages and social networks.


I've also written two articles presenting websites for electronic music lovers.

- The first one is about Beatport, an online music store specialized in all kinds of electronic music, like house, techno, minimal, drum & bass,…
In Beatport, you can browse, preview, purchase and download the music, that is very well classified, by music styles, labels and artists.


- The second one is about Awdio, an innovative website recently launched whose concept is : streaming and broadcasting DJ sets and concerts LIVE. With this tool, you can listen the music from more than 50 clubs and bars worldwide.


I've also written an entry about Second Life. In this long article, I give examples of some brands which operate a presence in this virtual world. With Second Life, brands can open a shop, communicate with the customers and recruit their employees.


Another article I recommend you is about Cuba, a country I'm very interested in. I explain that there's a terrible lack of freedom of speech in the island. And I demonstrate that Internet (althought its access is very controlled) can contribute to freedom of speech, and how it can be a way to protest against Cuba's political problems.


And the last article is about e-communication at work. I talk about the advantages of collaborative intranets, using the example of an intranet I've worked on. In this article, I study how collaborative intranet can help employees working together, and how it's a real advantage for in-house communication.

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